There's a lot of good EE questions over there. Once the site goes to public beta, will those get moved over here? I have no idea how that works.

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    @RobertCartaino , I'm hoping you in particular can answer this!
    – adrienne
    Nov 21 '12 at 22:42

FWIW I'd sincerely hope that existing EE questions on SO would be moved to here. There is no reason a visitor could not be redirected. I think I've seen that with some other questions. Click a link on the SO site to view the question and you are taken to, say, the Webmasters SE site. There is a note appended to the question saying it was migrated from the the other place.


I don't think it's appropriate to move existing questions which have already been answered (SEO etc).

However, if someone has moderator privilege on SO (10k rep - I know none of us are even close) then they could potentially move most/all future questions here.

To @RobertCartaino et al - The reason I think this is a valid concern is that many EE questions on SO are actually getting closed as "off-topic" or "too localized", while they would be valid here. For example, PHP errors encountered while trying to install/run ExpressionEngine.

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    CMIIW, but I think there is some precedent for migrating existing questions to other SE sites? Thought that happened when ServerFault started up anyway.
    – Tom Davies
    Nov 22 '12 at 9:06
  • Server Fault is probably a bit different though. In this case they would be moving questions (with already accepted answers) from a production site to a beta EE site, which could still technically be closed. Better to just re-ask the questions here, and earn rep while you're at it! Nov 22 '12 at 10:31

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