I've spoken to a number of people (there are more besides) on Twitter who committed to the proposal but have found that they are unable to log in due to StackExchange's Byzantine/Kafkaesque login system.

The "contact us" and "feedback" links on the login page just redirect to the login page - winning at UX guys!

Where can I direct these people to get help gaining access? They are champing at the bit to contribute to this community, but instead are getting annoyed and becoming less likely to contribute... Mods please help us to help ourselves!

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What I've done is just send the users a direct invite. If you get their email address you should be able to send them a link. Unfortunately they'll have to use Open ID. Strongly encourage them to use the same login they used while committing or link their accounts.

The login/signup process sucks, but we're not in a really good position to argue the point with SE.

  • I've sent out about 4+ invites, mostly to people which said they were part of the commitment stage, who I found on Twitter who were having login issues. I asked them to DM me their email addresses which of course isn't all that private and then I sent them the invite using the form provided in the sidebar of our beta. It works though, not ideal by any means.
    – Natetronn
    Commented Nov 25, 2012 at 21:34

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