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Dylan Smith is the Editor and Publisher of, a nonprofit local independent online news organization. Prior to founding the Sentinel, he was the Online Editor for the Tucson Citizen, until the newspaper was shut down in 2009.

He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Local Independent Online News Publishers (LIONs), organizing a group of publishers of more than 100 local news websites across the country.

He was the Executive Director of The Quintessential Stage, a nonprofit theatre company, and Editor and Publisher of ¿K? Magazine, an arts and culture monthly, in the 1990s.

An experienced designer and programmer, he serves as an Invited Expert on the World Wide Web Consortium's HTML Working Group.

He comes from a long line of journalists; his great-grandfather began work as a reporter fresh from high school in 1900. His family operated the Wheaton (Ill.) Daily Journal for over 50 years. His grandfather was also an Editor and Publisher, his grandmother a copyeditor and typesetter, and his parents published an alternative newspaper in the 1960s. Despite his long heritage in print journalism, he's a firm believer in the power of the Internet to inform and inspire like no other medium for reporting.

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